About Us



Three sisters. Each different. Cutting-Edge. Confident. Bold.

With the dream of bringing out their own line - agreeing on combining their love for comfort and fashion.

Born in Melbourne, Australia and taking inspiration but not solely influenced of the streetwear phenomenon around the globe, we aim at curating a wardrobe for men and women that evolves with you. OH2JAY is a label that thrives on originality and confidence that aims to inspire you to effortlessly experiment with your own style.

Endless wardrobe staples designed to be worn on their own or to compliment your favourite fashion pieces; using quality thread, luxe fabrics and faultless shapes. OH2JAY is all about affordable fashion, differing from the norm and allowing you to be fearless in your wardrobe choices.

Some days you want to be extra, other days you want to be chill and OH2JAY will allow you to express that effortlessly, always.

‘The Prelude’ is just a taste of what we have to offer. This is the beginning.